Our expertises


Drawing on its experience in public business law, UGGC Africa ais able to assist producers and wholesalers with their interaction with health facilities, whether these interactions include the award of public procurement (the building of tender files, support with negociation procedure, appeal in case of eviction) or the enforcement of contracts. The firm has also developed an expertise in the outsourcing of health facilities’ services, for instance in the area of telemedicine.


UGGC Africa is able to advise its clients on the definition and conduct of their advertising marketing and communication operations. It advises its clients on the approval of advertising campaign, the organization of events such as medical or scientific congresses and on the making and the exploitation of information campaign. Furthermore, the firm assists its clients with dispute regarding the protection and defence of their promotion, communication and advertising policies.

The field of new technologies and electronical business experience a great expand and our department handles every aspects of online health products distribution (making of website, protection of health data).


UGGC Africa supports its clients with application for registration (search for precedent, recourse in opposition) as well as with the exploitation of trademarks both on French level and community or international level (disposal agreement of license, trademark co-existence agreement).

Furthermore, the firm advises and assists clients with the protection and safeguard of their trademark rights, of their patent and expertise.

The firm supports its clients with the negotiation and drafting of license agreements, settlement of licenses co-ownership, with issues regarding invention remuneration and with acquisition and exploitation of skills.


UGGC Africa has a great expertise in distribution law, consumer law and criminal business law (invoicing, resale at a loss, terms of sale, use of French language, false advertising). The firm is able to help health industries with contract drafting (exclusive distribution, subcontracting …), the following and the readjustment of distribution network (exclusive, selective, franchesee) in very different types of area.

The firm is also able to help with the termination of business relationships (abusive termination, termination contract agreements). Finally, the firm can advise on the impact of new means of communication on both products distribution and companies’ partnership (lawfulness of online market platforms).


Face with the ever-growing health safety, the imperative of patient’s protection and the regulatory constraints, UGGC Africa advises private companies and private or public health facilities on production or distribution of health products (medicine, medical device, biological products, cosmetic products).

Therefore, the firm is likely to deal with, upstream, the configuration of the company and its facilities (approval of organizational scheme, company’s organigram, contract drafting, prior authorization) as well as its ongoing activity.


UGGC Africa also has a strong experience and renown in health litigation before both judiciary and administrative jurisdictions. The firm assists, among others, large operators of the sector with litigation regarding sanitary and health products risks (criminal, civil, administrative, contractual or extra contractual liabilities).

Therefore, UGGC Africa has become a major actor in medical liability by dealing with all significant litigations that have occurred in the last few years: contaminated blood, mad cow disease, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, growth hormone (Creutzfeldt Jacob disease), nosocomial infection.