Jeune Afrique Business+ 2024: Laurent Sablé among the 100 most influential business lawyers in Africa

UGGC Africa is proud to announce that Laurent Sablé is among the 100 most influential business lawyers in French-speaking Africa, according to the Jeune Afrique Business+ 2024 ranking.

Laurent Sablé, partner in Paris and Casablanca, is ranked 31st out of 100.

The ranking, drawn up in partnership with Jeune Afrique, is based on a rigorous assessment of several criteria, including the number of cases handled, the diversity of the countries involved and the underlying financial values. To this is added a qualitative analysis of the complexity of the interventions. The capacity-building of national administrations and economic players is also taken into account.

This year’s rankings are based on a review of 3,736 submissions (compared with 3,371 in June 2023) and the participation of 92 firms.