Our expertises

Domestic and international arbitration

UGGC Africa has developed a regular practice in domestic and international arbitration, whether as arbitrator or as counsel of the parties. The Litigation and Arbitration team of UGGC Africa intervenes regularly in the arbitration area, such as Mergers and Acquisitions: litigation for the execution of an acquisition protocol, a joint venture linked to the fixing of transfer prices, implementation of an asset and liability guarantee agreement, etc.

The lawyers of our team have also an extensive international arbitration expertise in the following areas:

  • Export markets and international trade relations;
  • Litigation between joint venture partners abroad;
  • Disagreements between partners for the realization of major Foreign Industrial and Commercial Projects.

Litigation department

The litigation practice constitutes the core of the legal practice of UGGC Africa. Under the aegis of two partners, this practice is based on a solid team of collaborators, whose profiles and experiences complement each other for a perfect control of civil, commercial and criminal procedures around contract law and liabilities, which is supplemented by superior technical expertise from other departments for every specific issue.

The Litigation team knows how to deal with all the phases of the trial, whether in application or defence, even in collective serial disputes.

The responsiveness of our team members, their ongoing exchanges with our other teams, the excellent knowledge of their specific sectors as well as client needs, allow UGGC’s lawyers to develop appropriate and effective legal solutions, develop pre-contentious and litigation strategies in procedural rules perfectly supervised and assist their clients in front of jurisdictions or in friendly settlement of disputes.

Civil and commercial legal disputes

UGGC Africa, with its recognized expertise in commercial area, assists its clients in the pre-litigation or litigation from their commercial relations.
UGGC Africa has extended competence in pre-litigation and litigation related to the execution of contracts or compliance with applicable regulations, in particular in the following areas:

  • Breach of commercial relations;
  • Liability for defective products;
  • Litigation of products and / or specialized activities (alcohol, tobacco, automobile, real estate, pharmaceuticals, advertising, etc.)

UGGC Africa is very active in assisting its clients with the resolution of commercial disputes and the assessment of the associated legal risks, always trying to measure the advisability of using an amicable settlement in the interests of the clients.