Morocco is investing in the development of a video game city. This presents a valuable opportunity for businesses and technological innovation

July 2024 – The Kingdom of Morocco is preparing to invest 260 million dirhams (approximately 24 million euros) in the creation of a video game city in Rabat. This initiative, announced by Naïma Aberouch, head of the Ministry of Communication, represents a significant step in the national strategy to position Morocco as a technological and creative hub in Africa. Construction is scheduled to commence in September 2024 as part of the ambitious Digital Morocco 2020 Plan.
This project aligns perfectly with the Digital Morocco 2020 Plan, which aims to establish Morocco as a technology hub in Africa and the Arab world. The objective is to stimulate growth in the digital and creative sectors by attracting investment. Morocco’s current legal framework, including Law 20-13 on the fight against cybercrime and Law 09-08 on the protection of personal data, provides a fair and secure market environment for companies in the video games sector.
All companies operating in this new city will be required to comply with a number of fundamental laws. Law 20-13 on the fight against cybercrime safeguards the rights of video game designers and developers, while the Intellectual Property Code protects copyright and intellectual creations. Law 09-08 on the protection of personal data governs the collection, processing and protection of data relating to video game users.
The project will also benefit from tax incentives, including those offered by the 2016 Investment Charter, which provides tax benefits to attract foreign investment. Export Processing Zones also offer significant tax and customs exemptions for companies setting up in these zones. Recent court rulings have also highlighted the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and combating cybercrime, unfair competition and the protection of legal databases, underlining the importance of the legal protection of legal texts.

The Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et Commerciale (OMPIC) plays a central role in the protection and promotion of industrial property in Morocco. OMPIC is responsible for registering patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications. It has also concluded international agreements, such as the one with the European Patent Office, enabling European patents to be validated in Morocco.

Business leaders and legal directors need to keep a close eye on the progress of this project to maximise the opportunities offered by the Video Game City. Setting up in this city offers competitive advantages, thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and tax incentives. Companies will also benefit from a dynamic ecosystem and opportunities to collaborate with other players in the sector.

The development of the Video Game City in Rabat represents a strategic opportunity for Morocco to position itself as a leader in the information and communication technologies sector in Africa. By attracting international talent and investors, Morocco can stimulate innovation and job creation in sectors with high added value.


Intellectual property in Morocco – Caroline ROLSHAUSEN – Intellectual Property Regional Advisor – Economic Department of the French Embassy in Morocco -INPI

Morocco and video games. According to the Moroccan media, the authorities are planning to invest 260 million dirhams (24 million euros) to set up this video game city in the capital, with work due to start in September, according to Naïma Aberouch, an official at the Ministry of Communication. ( Notre temps -27/05/2024)