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Personal data

Personal data

We advise multinational companies on all aspects of data privacy, security and information management, including: 

Global Privacy and Data Protection: We advise on privacy policies, data storage, retention and destruction, privacy complaints and investigations, disputes, data access requests and transfer and disclosure agreements. We also conduct multi-jurisdictional reviews of the collection, use and transfer of data.

Data Security: We advise our clients on investigations during breaches of personal data and handle mandatory notifications to data protection authorities and affected individuals. We also help clients navigate local laws that often require remediation to prevent future breaches and manage the legal and reputation impact of these incidents.  

BYOD: We make sure clients have the right policies in place to mitigate the risk of data loss and other data security considerations related to personal mobile devices and company-issued equipment.

Privacy Issues for Financial Institutions: We assist financial institutions comply with global privacy and data security requirements, advice that is crucial for navigating the current “perfect privacy storm” environment of more data, more regulation and more enforcement at a global level.