UGGC Africa, representing FIRON-UGGC at the 2023 Aviram Awards in Marrakech

May 2023 – UGGC Africa had the privilege of representing FIRON-UGGC at the 2023 Aviram Awards in Marrakech, a major international event which brought together hundreds of start-ups from the Middle East and North Africa, to support entrepreneurs specialising in the tech industry.

Among the most prestigious speakers were William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, Ziv Aviram, Founder & President of The Aviram Foundation, and André Azoulay, Counsellor to H.M. the King, who spoke about “changing our world for the better while combining technology and innovation with doing good“.

A unique and inspiring day sharing challenges, business opportunities and experiences.

Congratulation to the winners QD-SOL LTD., CarbonBlue and Deepecho !