Ali Bougrine interviewed by Droit & Stratégie des Affaires au Maroc

Ali Bougrine, partner at UGGC Avocats in Paris and managing partner of the UGGC Africa office was interviewed by the magazine Droit & Stratégie des Affaires au Maroc n°2 September 2021.

Recognised for his expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions and arbitration, Ali Bougrine spoke about his experience as Managing Partner of the UGGC Africa office, which has recently strengthened its capacity to act in Africa.

As an example, Ali Bougrine spoke about the evolution of his expertise in Morocco with the draft law currently under discussion on arbitration and conventional mediation.

“What I prefer […] to retain from this reform is the will and the commendable effort of the Moroccan legislator to promote arbitration and mediation by providing them with an autonomous normative corpus more in line with the best practices in the field.”

The interview is available to all subscribers on LexisNexis Morocco.

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