Our expertises

Antitrust law

UGGC Africa can rely on the skills of nine lawyers who make up a team of a significant size dedicated to the following fields of law:

  • Anti-competitive practices;
  • Merger control;
  • State aids;
  • European Union;
  • Distribution networks;
  • Commercial and promotional practices, consumer and criminal business law.

With its recognized expertise in each of these domains, on the consulting as well as the litigation side, UGGC Africa can offer its clients innovative and custom-made legal and litigation strategies.

UGGC Africa assists Moroccan and foreign clients alike and relies on an international network of efficient and reactive correspondents.  The firm itself is the correspondent of many foreign law firms.

Commercial and promotional practices, consumer law ands criminal business law

UGGC Africa also enjoys a great expertise in commercial and promotional practices, consumer law and criminal business law (invoicing, selling at a loss, general terms and conditions of sale, “Toubon” Act and the use of French, misleading advertising…) of products and services.

UGGC Africa ensures the follow-up of regulations on products and services intended to protect consumers both as far as advertising (labelling, endorsement of advertising and promotion campaigns with regards to the “Evin” Act, misleading advertising, comparative advertising…) and terms and conditions of sale are concerned.

EU law

UGGC Africa provides assistance to its clients on matters involving EU law, advising and representing them in litigations concerning freedom to provide services, free movement of goods and freedom of establishment.

State aids

UGGC Africa provides advice to and represents its clients when it comes to dealing with domestic and European State aids:

  • Determining the lawfulness of such aid;
  • Notification of aid to the Commission and representing the recipient of an aid in proceedings before national and international courts;
  • Approaching recipient of unlawful aid to obtain reimbursement, filing of complaint with Commission on behalf of recipient’s competitors and representing competitors in court proceedings.

Merger control

UGGC Africa has developed a significant expertise in the field of merger control and assists its clients at every stage of such control to help them complete their operations quickly and under the best conditions:

  • Assessment to determine whether a merger operation should be notified;
  • Advice on structuring of that operation calling on the expertise of various specialists at UGGC Africa, in corporate law especially;
  • Pre-notification and notification of the operation and follow-up of the whole procedure with the Competition Authority and the Commission;
  • Proposal and/or follow-up of amendments;
  • Lodging appeals with the relevant courts.

Thanks to its network of correspondents, UGGC Africa can also deal efficiently with operations requiring the approval of foreign competition authorities.

Anti-competitive practices

Thanks to its in-depth experience and competence, UGGC Africa can deal with a vast range of subjects and assist its clients to protect their interest to the best of its ability in the following domains:

  • Advice on the lawfulness of practices, risk identification and control;
  • Drafting, reviewing and follow-up of agreements with regard to rules applicable to understandings and abuse of dominant position;
  • Setting-up compliance programmes and competition audits;
  • Assistance during competition investigations and visit and confiscation operations;
  • Defence in proceedings before competition authorities as well as national and international courts;
  • Representation in civil law suits before the courts.