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Employment law

Employment law

Making employment law a tool at the service of company management is the ambition of specialist lawyers at UGGC Africa.


Collective bargaining is a way of adapting imperative employment standards to set up company projects.  It helps protect the smoothness of employment relationships.

UGGC Africa will help its clients organize employment relationships in your company, assist them to handle their meetings with staff representatives and will draw up their agreements. Our firm can also  advise its clients to end negotiations and then assist them to implement their decisions.

With a tried and tested experience of international groups, small to medium-sized companies or public establishments, our firm provides assistance to its clients to deal with employment issues in their companies (remuneration system, employee savings schemes, mandatory negotiations, organizing working time, restructurings, relocations and redundancy plans, business “matchmaking”, corporate life).

Individual employment relationships

UGGC Africa will assist its clients to determine individual employment rules in the company, taking into account the group’s history and culture (recruitment policy, contractual clauses, specific schemes applicable to company officers, termination of contractual relationship).

Labour disputes

UGGC Africa assists and defends its clients in all their litigation situations.

Before industrial tribunals: contesting of employment termination, of contractual clauses, harassment or discrimination…

–        Before lower or high courts: disputes about elections or trade union designations, UES (economic and social unit), interpretation of collective bargaining agreements or contesting of expert assessments.

–        Before administrative courts, in partnership with lawyers of the public business law team: contesting of PSE (employment protection plan), protected employees.

–        Before social security courts: contesting of industrial accidents, reassessments by the URSSAF (organizations in charge of collecting social security and family benefit contributions).

–        Labour criminal law, to defend company officers as well as companies (health and safety, staff representative bodies, trade union law, harassment, discrimination, working hours…).