Finances News Hebdo – Interview with Ali Bougrine on business law in Morocco

Ali Bougrine Mananging Partner of the UGGC Africa was interviewed on Thursday 9 December 2021 by M. Diao, journalist at Finances News Hebdo, on the development of the business law market in Morocco.

The business law market is mature in Morocco. Indeed, there are many law firms or business law consultants in Morocco. We were one of the first foreign law firms to set up an office in Morocco in 2002. The Moroccan business law market is driven by international law firms and a few large Moroccan firms, all located in Casablanca. Besides the traditional needs in business law (corporate law, private equity, financing law, etc.), we have seen the development of public business law, competition law, regulatory law and compliance law, particularly in the area of personal data protection and compliance.” says Ali Bougrine.