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Mergers & Acquisitions

Litigation - Corporate law

UGGC Africa has developed a recognized expertise in corporate law both as counsel and in litigation.

Members of the corporate law team, together with the litigation and arbitration team, quite regularly assist their clients with corporate litigation cases:

  • Minority expertise;
  • Defence of company officers involved in liability suits;
  • Implementation of asset and liability guarantees;
  • Compulsory enforcement of shareholders’ agreement;
  •  Settlement of disputes within a joint venture.

Several lawyers of our firm are ICC arbitrators and enjoy a regular practice of corporate law arbitrations.

Regulations - corporate law

UGGC Africa has developed a recognized expertise in corporate law and regularly acts as consultant for all types of commercial companies, small to medium-sized companies and international groups to help them deal with their corporate governance issues.

The firm enjoys a recognized expertise in managing general shareholders’ meetings, for listed companies in particular and especially in the event of conflict between shareholders.

UGGC Africa often deals with the corporate management of groups of companies: selecting legal structures, setting up holdings, internal restructuring, setting up profit-sharing plans.

UGGC Africa also enjoys a specific experience of the problems faced by public companies (semi-public companies…).

Real estate acquisitions

UGGC Africa assists its clients with investments in real estate structures created for the purpose of acquiring or building real estate properties.

Our firm regularly deals, on behalf of real estate investors, with the creation and financing of project companies for complex real estate projects:

  • Negotiation and/or drafting of legal documentation for the setting up of a real estate project (real estate leasing agreement, VEFA, BEFA, management agreement, investment agreement, shareholders’ agreement, complex articles of association, real estate promotion agreement, financing documents, delegated project management agreement, construction lease…);
  • Management of communication between the parties involved in the transaction, and especially with banks and/or notaries.


UGGC Africa enjoys a long-standing experience of setting up industrial joint ventures and provides support to its clients in their negotiations of industrial agreements both in France and abroad.

UGGC Africa is in particular involved at all stages of the development process:

  • Drafting and negotiating of legal documentation for the creation of joint ventures (contribution agreement, transfer undertaking, shareholders’ agreement, memorandum of agreement, joint venture agreement, partnership agreement, transfer agreement concerning intellectual property rights, cooperation agreements…);
  • Assistance and advice to clients with final structuring of proposed transaction;
  • Organizing spin-off operations and/or restructuring of branches of activity.


UGGC Africa deals with all types of merger and acquisition transactions (national or international public offerings on the stock exchange or private takeovers).

This department works with the assistance of other technical departments of the firm (tax law, employment law, competition law…) and provides support to its clients during the whole process to complete their transaction:

  • Setting up of due diligence teams;
  • Providing support to clients during the acquisition and/or transfer process (confidentiality agreement, tender letter, term-sheet, transfer agreement, asset and liability guarantee, shareholders’ agreements, etc.);
  •  Dealing with the specific legal issues arising during transactions (tax structuring, merger control, information and consultation of staff representatives…).