Africa is designing its own ESG strategy, article by the Institute from the Responsible Capitalism

26/01/2022 – Read the article by Ali Bougrine, Managing Partner of UGGC Africa, and by Victor Arnould, Associate Attorney, entitled “Africa is designing its own ESG strategy”, published by the Responsible Capitalism Institute.

“Africa is the least polluting continent in the world, but it is one of those that suffer most from the effects of climate change (drought in East Africa, land erosion in West Africa). Besides, the African population will have doubled by 2050 and by then, one African in two will be under 25 years old.

Despite these climatic and demographic challenges, in Africa, the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), i.e., the voluntary consideration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their activities, is the least present. The spread of CSR in Africa has certainly accelerated in recent years but must continue, which implies coordinated action by all interested actors: companies, investors and states. “

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